The Advantages of Outdoor Advertising in South Africa


Outdoor advertising is a highly effective marketing tool that is widely used in South Africa. A report shows that Out-of-home advertising reaches almost 85% of the adult population in South Africa. It refers to any type of advertising that gets to consumers while they are outside of their homes. For example, it includes street pole ads, billboards, digital displays, transit ads, and more.

This out-of-home promotion allows businesses to reach their target audience in an impactful way and increase brand awareness.                     

With the help of creative and eye-catching designs, outdoor advertising campaigns can grab the attention of passers-by. Thus, this marketing strategy makes a lasting impression on potential customers. If you want to promote your offering through more interactive displays, this blog is ideal.                                                                

What is Outdoor Advertising? 

This type of advertising includes any form of media that can be displayed in public places. Outdoor advertising is used to promote a wide range of products and services. It can be particularly effective for local businesses as it can target specific areas or neighbourhoods. It is a significant way to reach a large audience quickly and can be seen by a diverse range of people, including drivers, pedestrians, and public transportation users.                                                                 

Types of Outdoor Advertising

In South Africa, several types of outdoor advertising are commonly used to reach consumers. These include: 


Street Pole Advertising


Street pole advertising refers to a fixture on street light poles along high-traffic roads. It is one of the most preferred types of advertisement due to its effective marketing message communication, catchy styling, broad reach, and inexpensiveness. These ads are usually placed in sequence. Standard sized frames are erected on the light poles, and adverts are placed within the frames.

Additionally, street pole advertising is also regulated by various municipal by-laws in South Africa. This type of outdoor advertising is highly targeted, as advertisers can choose sites that are most relevant to their target audience.             


Billboards are a frequent form of outdoor advertising in South Africa. Outdoor Auditors shows that currently, 13500 billboards are being operated in South Africa. They can be found in various locations, such as along highways, busy city streets, and popular tourist destinations. Various municipal by-laws and regulations regulate the use of billboard advertising.                         

Transit Advertising

Transit advertising refers to ads that are placed on vehicles such as buses, trains, or taxis. It offers advertisers a unique way to reach a diverse audience in high-traffic areas. In South Africa, transit advertising is regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA). It ensures that ads comply with ethical and legal standards. Moreover, one of the main advantages of transit advertising is that it can engage a wide range of audiences.                                  

Digital Displays

Digital displays are becoming a growing trend in South Africa. These displays can be found in various locations, such as shopping centres, airports, and on busy city streets. You can use this outdoor advertising to display video ads, static images, or interactive content. It can be highly effective at grabbing consumers' attention.                                 

Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are trucks or trailers that have been converted into moving billboards. They are typically driven around high-traffic areas to promote a product or service to a large audience. Mobile billboards can effectively reach people in specific areas, such as during events or in busy urban areas.        

Event Advertising          

Event advertising involves promoting a product or service at a specific event, such as a music festival or sporting event. This can include branding, signage, and product placement. You can design this type of ad to build awareness and excitement for the event. It is effective at targeting a specific audience who are likely to be interested in attending the event. For example, an ad for a music festival may be placed in areas near music venues or college campuses.


The Benefits of Outdoor Advertising


Wide Reach                       

Outdoor advertising has the potential to reach a large and diverse audience. By placing ads in high-traffic areas such as busy streets, shopping centres, and airports, advertisers can reach a large number of people.                                                                


Outdoor advertising is one of the most affordable ways to reach a large audience. Television or radio advertising can often be expensive, especially for SMBs with limited budgets. Outdoor advertising can be less expensive, and advertisers can choose the size and location of their ads to fit their budgets.                                             


Outdoor advertising offers a lot of flexibility in terms of the design and placement of ads. Advertisers can also update their messaging and content as needed. This flexibility allows promoters to adapt to modifications in their marketing strategies.                                  

Brand Awareness

Outdoor advertising can be a powerful way to build brand awareness. It can expose people to a brand multiple times throughout their daily activities. Advertisers can increase the frequency of exposure to their brand by placing ads in high-traffic areas. It ultimately improves brand recall and recognition.                                       


Outdoor advertising can be highly targeted, as advertisers can choose locations most relevant to their target audience. This targeted approach can increase the effectiveness of the advertising and result in a higher return on investment (ROI).              

24/7 Exposure

Outdoor advertising offers round-the-clock exposure, as ads are visible even outside of business hours. This makes it a great way to keep a brand top-of-mind for potential customers.


How Adreach can assist you with your Outdoor Advertising    

In short, outdoor advertising is significant for businesses to build brand awareness and create memorable experiences for their customers. With a range of formats and locations to choose from, advertisers can tailor their campaigns to their target audience. So, if you want to maximise your business growth through a specialist guide, connect with Adreach.                                                          

We are a South African out-of-home (OOH) advertising company specialising in street pole advertising. With flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and better reach, we can help you target your desired audience and maximise your brand's exposure, call us to help you achieve the results you want.


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