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Load-shedding can be a significant issue for businesses trying to maintain their advertising campaigns. But what if there was a way to guarantee your message was seen, even during power outages? Street Pole Ads may be the answer! 

Whether or not the electricity is running, these ads stay on street poles and other public spaces across South Africa. This means that no matter the load-shedding situation, businesses can still get their message out with street pole ads! It is estimated that 98% of individuals view at least one billboard or OOH advertisement each week.

Read on to learn more about how this form of advertising works and why it might be the perfect solution for businesses looking to stay one step ahead of the blackout blues!

Overview of how load shedding affects digital advertising 

Load shedding can cause digital advertising infrastructure to go offline, leading to a loss of revenue for businesses. Many digital advertisers rely on a constant, reliable internet connection to serve ads to their customers. When the power goes off, it can cause internet disruptions, making it difficult or impossible for ad campaigns to run as intended. This can be especially challenging when trying to capture customers' attention on the go. When the power goes off, the viewership decreases drastically.

Falling viewership with TV advertising

Television is undeniably the most popular media consumption medium in South Africa. It remains the most efficient technique for contacting many people regularly. However, it is no surprise that load shedding impacts such media sites.

When there is a blackout, a client's primary worry is viewership. It means that thousands of South African TV sets are turned off, lowering the potential TV viewership of a certain station or show, which in turn impacts advertisers. It results in advertisements being seen by a small number of individuals who may or may not be the intended audience for the brand being marketed.

However, thanks to street pole ads, you never have to worry about losing visibility during those long days and nights of electricity cuts.

Why SPAs should be utilised and capitalised amidst load shedding  

Load-shedding has been a challenge for many businesses, particularly those in the advertising space. For many companies, it has forced them to rethink their traditional marketing approaches and turn to alternative strategies that rely on non-electrical services such as Street Pole Ads.

The benefits of using street pole advertising, during load-shedding, are numerous. For starters, they can provide instant visibility without the need for electricity. Plus, they offer a unique and effective way to reach potential customers - whether walking or driving - while providing businesses with an always-on presence during the day or night.

SPAs are a reliable alternative

Street pole ads are effective, cost-efficient, and scalable. They're placed in high-traffic areas, to catch the attention of many people. Street Pole Ads provide an excellent way for businesses to keep their brand visible amidst load-shedding.

As a business owner looking to stay ahead of the competition, you should know that advertising through traditional methods isn't going to cut it anymore, especially when load-shedding is in effect. That's why more and more businesses have been turning to Street Pole Ads - a form of out-of-home advertising that provides 24/7 visibility for your brand.

When it comes to tackling the load-shedding issue, you may be feeling discouraged. After all, no one enjoys the inconvenience, but luckily you have the power to rise above it by utilising Street Pole Ads (SPAs). 

SPAs deliver increased reach

SPAs allow your brand messaging to remain "always on" - literally and figuratively. These ads capture attention during peak traffic when stores are closed and internet speeds slow, due to load-shedding.

The Potential of SPAs

SPAs extend your reach beyond traditional media and offer an untapped potential for greatness with their multi-platform capabilities. Plus, they can be combined with other media to create an even more significant impact and increased ROI. As previously stated, capitalising on this allows for increased exposure to your brand during peak traffic periods. It increases the chances of passing people, picking up on your message more effectively.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, street pole ads are a great way to stay ahead of the ever-increasing load-shedding. It's a good way to reach your target audience, as the ads can stay on even during power outages, when other advertising methods may not be able to.

With the increasing presence of these ads, they're becoming an iconic part of the streetscape, adding some personality and colour to our cities. So, check out street pole ads the next time you're looking for a way to spread your message!

Contact Adreach now to promote your brand on SPAs without having to worry about power.

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