Why Street Pole Ads Empower & Drive Value for In-Store Promotions?

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Street pole ads are an excellent way to enhance in-store promotions because they can reach large numbers of customers. Placed strategically at crucial public junctions, their targeted nature and cost-effectiveness make them a benefit for any business, that combines them with in-store promotions. 

In this article, we'll discuss how valuable street pole ads can be for in-store promotions in South Africa. 

Importance of In-Store Promotions for Local Stores 

In-store promotions can be a game changer for retailers as they influence customers into buying several products. They appeal directly to customers senses, allowing them to experience the product on the spot.

Let's discuss some benefits of in-store promotions in detail.

Encourage Additional Purchases 

Impulse buying is a thing, and in-store promotions can be the perfect nudge for people to buy multiple items. They may not have considered purchasing them when they entered the store, but an in-store promotion encouraged the purchase. By placing them close to the checkout counters, you can influence this behaviour and make customers spend more.

Push Local Stores Ahead of Online Competition

In-store promotions help local stores to compete with online retailers and even surpass them when it comes to sales and revenue generation. Online stores have several tools in their hand for attracting customers, but in-store promotions can help local stores successfully counter all of them. In-store promotions can be customised for specific localities, which appeal to customers living there.

Sales & Events Promotion 

Special events and sales always present excellent opportunities to attract customers. From limited-time offers, to year-end discounts, retailers have a lot in their arsenal to win over customers. One great way of promoting these events is through in-store promotions. During local celebrations or on any special day, local stores can offer special discounts and tell customers about them using in-store promotions.

Introduces New Inventory 

Sure, you can tell people online about your new product line. However, it cannot beat the in-store messaging, as it feels more direct and personal when customers are inside the store.


How SPA’s Form an Integral Part of In-Store Promotions 


Drive Foot Traffic to Store 

Street pole ads together with in-store promotions make a powerful combination, and help convince customers to buy products. Customers who experience an attractive street pole ad are bound to get excited to visit the store and view the offer. Once inside the store, they can be further convinced through in-store messaging. As a result, the sales go up, and customer retention is likely to increase.

Consistent Messaging  

Customers prefer consistent brands and advertising that helps them understand products as easily as possible. You can use street pole ads and in-store promotions to create consistent messaging.

Drive Urgency 

By creating a sense of urgency through SPAs, you can ensure customers visit the store and view the products as quickly as possible. Phrases like, "Limited Time Only" can be immensely rewarding in highly competitive environments. By being time-sensitive, retailers can surpass their competition and ensure their market supremacy.


Benefits of Street Pole Ads for the Use of In-Store Promotions 



Street advertising is a value for money option. Compare it to TV, radio, print, and other ads, and you'll see sheer differences. You can run multiple campaigns on street pole ads with the same budget that runs only one campaign on other platforms.

Moreover, street advertising allows you to use it strategically to target only those who you intend to reach. Brands often overlook this avenue and spend money on more expensive advertisements, where returns aren't guaranteed.

Brand Awareness 

A brand is as good as its presence in the public sphere. After all, you can only make sales if you win over customers. Street pole ads help brands boost their awareness among the public and elevate their credibility.

All elements, from images to text to graphics, combine to make a brand stand out from its competitors. Moreover, street pole ads also target those people who are harder to access through other mediums, such as TV, the internet, etc.

Street pole advertising is also more sustainable for raising brand awareness. Its high frequency ensures repeated exposure, etching the brand in customers' minds.

Brand/Product Recall 

Strategic Placement 

Street pole ads can play a pivotal role in brand or product recall. It is not enough to expose your brand to customers only once; you need to do it repeatedly to stay in their minds. Placing ads at strategic points, such as areas with high traffic, can increase the chances of consumers remembering a brand and its products.

Reinforcement of the Message 

Street pole ads are often found in runs of three. Hence, customers experience a repetition of advertisements which reinforces the message and helps a brand stay in the public eye continuously.

Visual Impact 

Street pole ads are creative and stay in consumers' memory through bright colours, attractive images, and exciting text. When slogans and product pictures catch people's attention, there is a good chance that the brand will be remembered for a long time. Moreover, people these days share such pole ads on social media, which spreads the message even further.

Increased In-store Traffic

Street pole ads are an indispensable tool in an advertising strategy, if you want customers to visit more frequently.

  • Provide all the necessary information, such as the location, name, phone number, etc., of the store so that potential customers can easily visit it or contact the team. 
  • It can prove instrumental in highlighting your trademark products, new launches, special services, and much more to increase traffic to the store.
  • Strategic placement helps street pole ads bring more traffic to the store. For instance, if selling sports equipment, you can put them near a local gym or park to attract customers. 

How SPAs Increased Spar’s In-Store Promotional Sales 

If there is one case study that affirms the influence of SPAs on sales, it is the story of Spar. Six Spar outlets ran a campaign with the same monthly special at each. However, only three stores incorporated SPAs in their marketing strategy.

The results were quite interesting, as stores that used SPAs made way more gains in terms of sales during the promotional period than those that didn't.


We have discussed the importance of street pole advertisements and how well they pair with in-store promotions to give brands the sales boost they need. If you're also looking to reap the benefits of SPAs, Adreach is here to help. 

We manage 90% of street pole advertising in South Africa, depicting the trust our clients have placed in us over the years. These include everyone from blue chip companies to SMMEs that know Adreach will help them reach their true potential. 

So, contact us today, and partner with one of the leading street pole advertisers in South Africa!



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