Three best call-to-actions for Street Pole ads and why they work

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The past few weeks have witnessed a number of big events for South Africans which have necessitated quick action and even faster turnaround times. Between the floods in Cape Town and the fires in Knysna, the country has rallied around rapid response to emergencies in particular. For this and many other reasons, the power of outdoor advertising has never been more pertinent. Here are three of the best call-to-actions for Street Pole Ads and why they work so well:


A simple and easy to remember website can facilitate an excellent call-to-action response. In particular, this is a highly measurable action, allowing you to track response through hits to your business’s site. Recently released South African feature film, Beyond The River, ran a hugely successful outdoor campaign on ADreach SPAs with their website listed at the bottom of the campaign poster. This allowed for increased traffic to the Beyond the River site, as well as driving show bookings also listed on the web portal.

Further, during the recent Knysna fire disaster, the BackaBuddy team asked for support and financial donations through driving donors to their site via ADreach digital street pole ads – the response was overwhelming and the organization believes that this advertising contributed enormously to the more than R300 000 raised in one day.


Despite the proliferation of instant messaging platforms, such a Whatsapp, SMS still works. In fact, a simple SMS now is one of the most effective ways to drive interaction on your outdoor campaign.  A recent SMS call-to-action from an Animal Allies Sterilization drive on ADreach SPAs, aiming to create awareness and raise money, was met with huge success. With SMS’s coming in daily it brought Animal Allies not only enough funds to conduct numerous sterilizations but also gave the organization much needed exposure. 


Social media hashtags remain one of the most popular and successful call-to-actions for Outdoor advertising. Sharp, memorable and simple hashtags can create trends, drive conversation and dramatically increase brand exposure. In fact, the world seems to revolve around hashtags and if done correctly, they can reach beyond outdoor platforms onto various social media channels, exponentially growing your business’s following and talkability.

In our fast paced and increasingly demanding world, outdoor advertising can offer you a unique and direct contact with potential clients and customers. Our digital platforms in particular allow brands to communicate as the need arrives – last minute sales, emergency response and quick calls to action are just a few of these benefits.

Simple, strategic outdoor advertising, underpinned by one of these three calls-to-actions, can produce cost effective, high exposure campaigns which remain strong in the minds of your potential customers.

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