Six ways that Street Pole Advertising can help grow your business today

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Street Pole Ads (SPAs) are an extremely cost-effective and high exposure form of advertising. They have a unique ability in that it is very difficult for them to be consciously avoided. Advertising avoidance is a serious hindrance to media such as TV, radio, print and magazines, which can simply be turned off or turned over.

SPAs offer targeted, strategic marketing with the highest reach and awareness around, here are six reasons why your business will benefit from this form of advertising today.

Reach and Awareness 

SPAs have the highest recall of any outdoor advertising medium, ensuring that your business and brand remain front of mind with potential clients. In fact, the South African Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF) AMPS most recent report gave SPA’s a rating of 60.8 percent; indicating that more than two thirds of people will remember this form of advertising in comparison to other types of outdoor media. With ADreach’s national footprint on busy arterials and secondary roads, you can reach almost every market in South Africa. 

High frequency and repetition 

SPAs are the only form of OOH advertising that allows sequential booking of sites. SPAs are typically booked on multiple roads so potential customers will see them several times a day.  Importantly, SPAs can be used in conjunction with large format campaigns, such as billboards, to up-weight the frequency and repetition of your brand exposure. 

Targeted Marketing 

Large format highway billboards can be effective in terms of reach, but they have extremely high rates of wastage. SPAs on the other hand have very low rates of wastage as the locations can be hand-picked in specific areas, allowing you to drill down to the immediate needs of your business and client base. 

Cost Effective 

If one compares the cost of SPAs to television, radio and print advertising on a cost-per-thousand basis, it is clear that a Street Pole Advertising campaign offers the greatest value for money. Further, you can spend money strategically, ensuring that the right people see your campaign at the right time. 

Creatively versatile 

SPAs are generally flighted in a run of three, allowing for more exposure and extended room for creativity. Without having to restrict a creative to a single interface, campaigns can explore and expand on their key message. A memorable creative has the ability to obtain additional exposure for a campaign through word-of-mouth, as well as through publicity in other media channels 

Close to point of purchase 

Research has shown that 7 out of 10 people will shop on their way home from work; similarly, 7 out of 10 people will also make shopping decisions whilst in their cars. SPAs hold a unique ability to provide directional signage which gets noticed and acted upon while people are in their vehicles. This goes beyond just shopping, and can include finding the nearest restaurant or your favourite spot for take-aways. Due to their large footprint, it is very easy for ADreach SPAs to be place strategically near these points of purchase.

While commuters spend more and more time in traffic, SPAs will help your business to earn a place in the minds of consumers and offer them a constant reminder that your brand is available and on sale. Street Pole Advertising is often the missing link in the marketing chain; which, like a set of strategically positioned dominoes, can set a whole sequence of events into action and help to grow your business through their versatility and reach.

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