Victory for Outdoor Advertising amidst Digital Transformation


The internet has changed the way companies advertise, and traditional advertising methods, such as newspaper and magazine inserts, are being attacked by their digital counterparts 

However, one advertising method has stood the test of time, and that method is outdoor advertising. 

Read further to discover what outdoor (or out-of-home: OOH) advertising is, its benefits, why it’s still effective, and how Adreach can help you with your business Outdoor Marketing Campaign. 

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Most people are familiar with outdoor advertising (or out-of-home advertising) because they see large billboards and other marketing methods all around them. 

Outdoor Advertising refers to any advertising form that you’re likely to see when you step out of your home. 

Whether the advert is a sticker on the side of someone’s car or on a giant billboard in your city’s busiest intersection, these are all examples of outdoor advertising. 

This marketing medium remains an effective marketing medium amidst new marketing channels like digital advertising, entering the fray.

Why Outdoor Advertising still effective



Brute force, in-your-face advertising

Think billboards that tower over cityscapes and cavalries of street pole ads. Outdoor advertising continues to make an impact, even more so post-pandemic.

Outdoor media offers strategic, hyper-localised advertising

Small independent businesses and national chains alike can rely on this effective marketing medium for results, attracting attention to events, creating mouth-watering desire for meals, or directing customers right to their doorsteps.

Outdoor Advertising offers effective & affordable marketing solutions

The frequency of outdoor advertising is far superior to any other medium, with the second-best cost-per-thousand views of all media. This alone makes outdoor advertising an efficient media buy.

The benefits of outdoor display advertising

If you’re still on the fence about outdoor display advertising, this section will discuss some of the main benefits of this effective marketing method. Here they are: 

Excellent exposure opportunities

Outdoor advertising can provide your brand with amazing opportunities for exposure. For instance, having a billboard at a busy intersection can result in thousands of views per day. Repeated exposure to street pole ads leaves a lasting subconscious impression. 

Helps to make your brand well-known in the community

Leveraging outdoor advertising opportunities in your local area solidifies trust in your brand. For example, local real estate agencies use this medium to market their top agents as the “go to” experts in the area.

Cost-effective advertising

Advertising on social media platforms can be either free or paid but it’s not guaranteed how many people will actually see your advertisement, if they will be in your target audience or if your actual target audience belongs to a social media platform. Outdoor ads placed in a well thought out location are a reliable method of guaranteed exposure. Contact Adreach today for our rate card and you will be pleased at our competitive pricing.

Opportunities for marketing customisation

Outdoor advertising is customisable. This is your space to tell any story you would like. Some businesses prefer timeless, elegant messaging and seldom change their artwork. Others grab urgent attention, with frequently refreshed artwork that shocks, surprises or delights.

Reach your target audience effectively

If you have been struggling to reach your target market effectively, it is time to consider an outdoor advert! Chat to a member of the Adreach team to find out more about our tailored solutions.

The different types of Outdoor Display Advertising

In addition to billboards there are many formats of outdoor advertising:

Some common examples include the following:

  • Adverts underneath road signs 
  • Adverts displayed on the side of buses or trucks
  • Temporary adverts at peak traffic times (including tent banners at busy intersections)
  • Advertising on construction, such as scaffolding or cranes
  • Advertisements on dust bins, school signs, or property walls at busy intersections
  • Point of sale advertising, including pop-up ads at the till, table talkers posters and stickers.
  • Sports Stadium Advertising
  • Public murals in airports, stations, or shopping centres
  • Street Pole Ads

The best outdoor display advertising method depends on your brand, your service or product offering. Before launching ahead, it’s best to have a professional advertising consultation with Adreach.

How Adreach can help your business grow with effective outdoor advertising solutions – The Street Pole Ad 

The Adreach team is here to support you. Get empowered by having a consultation, no strings attached! These consultations are hugely beneficial as there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to this medium. A consultation will take the form of a conversation, where we will listen and try to understand what the needs and goals are for your campaign.

After analysing what you have shared, we will come back to you with a tailor-made outdoor display advertising campaign that we believe will have the maximum impact.

We will propose a few scenarios to you, explaining all the aspects along the way. Finally, we will give you some time to think about our offerings, ask questions, and provide additional information.

So, there it is… Impactful, strategic, and affordable – outdoor advertising remains a strong contender in the modern media mix.

When you are ready to launch your advertising campaign, call on us for support from start to finish. We look forward to making a positive impact on your business and your bottom line! 

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