Ignite your Start-up Business with Street Pole Ads


Are Street Pole Ads worth it for start-up businesses?

When it comes to a new business, advertising is essential to get the word out there about your brand and to get established in your target market. If you are a new business, you may have heard that street pole ads are a cost-effective way of marketing but are they worth it, and should you do it? 

When launching a new business, you need to make an impact. If you want to get the public talking about your brand and establish a target market that’s ready to spend, look no further. Street Pole Ads are for you!


What are Street Pole Ads?

Simply put, street pole ads are a form of advertising on public roads, usually erected on street poles. The streetlights that line our roads and illuminate our city are an excellent opportunity for shared value creation. The city partners with businesses (large and small) to generate income and drive business. Street Pole Ads (or SPAs) offer compelling, creative, exciting solutions that support the community and boost your business.

Street Pole Ads or SPAs come in many shapes and forms, with strategic design and placement being integral to their success. For instance, if you have started a high-end beauty salon, the best place to erect your SPA campaign would be on a busy road in a nearby upper income neighbourhood. For maximum impact, your campaign should speak your audience’s language, using visual stimuli with graphics and colours that appeal to your potential market.

How does Street Pole Advertising work?

Street pole advertising is surprisingly effective and has a very low cost when compared with other advertising forms. After deciding on wording and a design for your street pole ad, you will need to consider how many you want printed, and where you would like your advert to be located. 

How to start your SPA campaign?

  1.   First consult with the experienced team at Adreach, to decide on your design, marketing message and placement for the perfect campaign.
  2.   Next, consider how many ads will fit your budget and where they would best be located.
  3.   Last, place your campaign and watch the magic unfold!


Unlike other forms of advertising, SPAs command attention. This results in massive exposure, especially if your ad has been placed on a busy road! 

What are the benefits of Street Pole Advertising? 

Many businesses should include street pole advertising when planning the execution of their marketing plan. SPAs offer numerous benefits, including:

Huge exposure

South Africa is a nation of car drivers and any given road in a large city sees thousands of cars daily. Since Street Poles Ads are located on all major routes, they are the perfect medium to let the public know what you do and advertises your products or services.

Cost-effective marketing option

Many businesses have felt the financial pinch in recent times, and are looking for ways to save. If you’re seeking a cost-effective, results driven marketing medium to execute your marketing campaign, chat to Adreach about Street Pole Advertising. SPAs require a low financial outlay with high value results!

Excellent way to make your brand recognisable

When launching a Street Pole Ad campaign, it’s best to place several adverts at the same time, as this will create more exposure, maximise your brand exposure and ensure message repetition.

Fantastic advertising option for local businesses

SPAs have the unique ability to be hyper-localised. Consumers are increasingly driven to support community businesses – local messaging and directional signage strategies continue to deliver effective marketing results. 


Is it worth it for your start-up business? 

As a start-up business, smart spending is crucial, and you want to be assured that every ad-spend has an impact that delivers a return. Street Pole Advertising does this exactly, because it consistently reaches the target audience and increases both your brand recognition as well as brand affiliation. Street Pole Advertising is extremely affordable, allowing you to derive immediate value for money, allowing you to deploy this low-risk marketing investment with peace of mind.


How to support your outdoor advertising strategy with digital marketing? 

Street Pole Advertising will certainly launch and grow your business, but there is a lot to be said for a supporting digital marketing strategy. Simply ask us how…

There are many hacks and tricks of the trade that can be employed in the digital marketing landscape. Social media marketing for instance, can be completely free by harnessing organic supplementary marketing. Post the same format as your street pole ads (for your early adopters to share) and replicate your campaign in potentially viral Instagram or Facebook feeds, boosting your campaign awareness.

What can Adreach offer you?

Working with a marketing specialist like Adreach is not as costly as you may think. Unlike most specialists, we do not charge our clients for consulting or creative planning. We will analyse your business needs and recommend the best campaign based on your budget, charging you only for the ad space you choose to purchase.

In addition to outdoor advertising space, this may involve social media marketing, email campaigns, SEO campaigns or digital newsletters, depending on your needs.

We have helped countless new businesses with their marketing campaigns and would be delighted to be a part of your journey!

If you would like to learn more about how Adreach can help you, contact us today, and we will set up a meeting to help you take your business to the next level.

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