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Whether you’re traveling to work, running errands, or painting the town red, you’re guaranteed to interact with a myriad of brands and marketing messages. Thanks to Out of Home advertising, or OOH, these messages are a permanent fixture of any cityscape.

What is Out of Home Advertising?

OOH has been around for centuries, yet it continues to dazzle its audience with imaginative innovation. In the 1800s, skilfully crafted murals first began to decorate the sides of buildings in New York, advertising circus acts like Barnum and Bailey. By the 1990s, the first electronic billboards were revealed in Times Square to the amazement of onlookers. Today, 3D billboards have become one of Shibuya Crossing’s main attractions, amazing the public with hypnotic illusions. 

OOH comes in a vast array of formats making it the ideal platform for any business wanting in on the action! 

OOH – A Format for every budget

Some of the most effective Out of Home formats are:

  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Street Pole Ads
  • Airport ads
  • Bus Station or on-vehicle ads
  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Shopping Mall ads or displays
  • Signage or Suburban Ads
  • And more

Ways to Track the Effectiveness of Your OOH Advertising Campaign

OOH may seem daunting in terms of determining its reach, compared to digital media counterparts that can be measured in clicks, conversions and conversations. But fear not, the experts at Adreach have been calculating the reach and efficacy of the OOH marketing medium for years!

Here are some of the common terms used in the industry:

  1. Impressions – these indicate the reach of your OOH campaign and are calculated using extensive market and geographical research
  2. Points of contact – these are the customers that contact you as a result of your campaign
  3. Geofencing and location data – this technology helps us calculate the number of devices that come into contact with your campaign, an excellent indicator of physical impressions
  4. Digital integrations – CCTV, NFC, QR codes and other means of digital integration provide a precise means of collecting data, per campaign or even per site

Regardless of the locations or number of sites you have purchased for your Out of Home Advertising Campaign, Adreach is able to assist you with smart and effective reporting to measure the efficacy and return on investment of your marketing efforts.

What are the Benefits of Out of Home Advertising? 


With any marketing medium, there are pros and cons to purchasing Out of Home Advertising. Some argue that difficulty measuring real-life conversions makes OOH a tricky investment, but there are many benefits to offset this. Most notably, cost efficiency and extensive reach, in which OOH far supersedes marketing media options like print advertising or regional radio advertising.

Most importantly, is the fact that it’s impossible to avoid OOH advertising. In-home, prospective audiences can block ads, avoid tailored impressions, and generally control their exposure.

In public, audiences are much more susceptible to marketing messages, especially in the form of physical displays. Add to this the age-old tradition of pushing creative boundaries, and you have a marketing medium in Out of Home advertising that enhances its surroundings as much as it takes advantage of them.

What Adreach Can Offer You for your Out of Home Advertising Campaign


If you’re also interested in learning more about OOH, Adreach is ready to partner with you. We provide top-of-the-line Out of Home advertising options, thanks to over 30 000 + OOH Sites and our Nationwide presence.

Our speciality is Street Pole Ads and our product offering extends to mall ads, bus ads, innovative solutions and more. As of 1 September 2022, we have launched our AdIdeation amplified OOH marketing solution that couples 12x hyper localised street pole ads with an integrated digital marketing campaign. Adreach has you covered, both in experience, physicality and online presence. We’ve built our business off the best in location, quality, and image, and we’re prepared to offer our knowledge in Out of Home advertising and marketing solutions, to connect your business to your ideal audience.

Feel free to check out our solutions for a better way to connect with prospective customers and reach a greater audience with Adreach.

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