Why do Some Street Pole Ad Campaigns Fail?


Whether they succeed or fail, street pole ad campaigns have weeks and sometimes months of hard work behind them. Now and again they fail and it is a learning curve many companies must go through.

Nobody can deny the significance of outdoor marketing, as businesses are returning to traditional modes of advertising. However, to make your street pole ad campaigns successful, it is crucial to avoid some common mistakes.

Common Problems of Street Pole Ads


Unclear Objectives 

Lack of direction and unclear objectives can be deadly for any advert, including street pole ad campaigns. If you’re heading on a journey without knowing the path, you will end up nowhere. The same logic applies when you’re crafting a marketing plan.

When you have clear goals, every team member knows what they need to accomplish. It also helps them understand the smaller tasks they must perform daily to make the marketing plan a success.


Nailing your timing is also essential for successful street pole advertising because consumers are willing to pay more attention to a campaign that resonates with the space in time they are in. You can focus on an event that is happening soon and catch the attention of the attendees or capitalise on seasonality, like Christmas or sales seasons like Black Friday. 


Crafting a catchy and meaningful message through your street pole ad campaigns is crucial for their success. Make sure that your message resonates with the audience and addresses their needs.

For instance, if the audience can’t understand your novel product or service, they will lose interest in your ad. Always stay relevant to your services/products and give a coherent message to your target audience. 


Some companies overlook the importance of location for street pole ad campaigns, which costs them dearly in both the short and long term. Understand your target audience and where they are based, when deciding on locations of your street pole ad campaign.

Not Enough Experimentation 

Repeating the same marketing strategies and expecting different results doesn’t work. Instead, you should experiment with your street pole ad campaigns. Try to use different colours, themes, fonts, imagery,  etc., so that your audience notices something fresh from you.

Unwillingness to Push into New Territory 

Expanding your business requires testing uncharted waters and exploring new territories. If your street pole ad campaigns have been failing in a particular area, it doesn’t make sense to focus only on that area. You must start advertising in new places and find new customers to succeed.

Ads are not Distinct Enough 

Creativity and originality are the hallmarks of successful and memorable street pole ad campaigns. If your ads are generic they are less likely to be memorable. Go one step ahead and create something interesting for your audience.

For instance, you can write something funny that people will remember for a long time. Similarly, you can use topical trends or internet memes to get your message across creatively.

The Audience Perceives the Message Incorrectly 

The power to make your audience understand your message is in your own hands. If your street pole ads aren’t coherent and neat, the audience will likely only pay attention to them briefly. It’ll be forgotten as soon as you put it up, making it useless.

Instead, create an ad that is clear about its purpose. If you’re promoting an upcoming event, focus on it instead of marketing your products, as it will need to be clarified for customers.

Not Measuring the Results Effectively 

You might unknowingly overestimate or underestimate the results of your street pole ad campaigns, although it’s usually the former. The best way to measure its impact is to compare sales before & after the launch of an ad campaign.

If there has been zero or almost zero change in sales, the campaign has yet to materialise. The level of success depends on the percentage increase in sales of your product or service.

Similarly, you can track daily online engagements, like your website’s visits. If more people visit you after street pole ad campaigns, you have captured your audience’s attention.


Solutions for Making Street Pole Ads a Success


Define Your Goals and Objectives

Make sure you know what you precisely want to achieve through street pole ads. If the objectives aren’t clear, your campaign will likely noy succeed, no matter how much hard work you pour into it.

Clearly define your audience and ensure your timing and location are correct

Know who your audience is before starting street pole advertising. Are your products/services targeted toward children or adults? Are they targeted toward men or women? Moreover, you should advertise at the right time and at the right location where there is a more significant influx of people.

Make Sure the Message Will be Interpreted Correctly by Your Audience 

The audience can easily misinterpret your message if it needs to be more coherent and clear. Try to be as precise and straightforward as possible so that the audience knows what you’re talking about. 

Tell a Short Story 

A good story never fails to impress people, and including it in your street pole ad campaigns works wonders, too. Tell the people about your motivation and inspire them to join your journey.

Make Your Ads Stand Out, but Don’t Go Over the Top

There is a thin line between being creative with your street pole ads and going over the top. If you try to be too clever, you can easily cross this line and miss connections.

Consider Colour vs. the Surroundings 

Colours can transform the look of your street pole ads and catch people’s attention like nothing else. Create a blend of colours that complements the surroundings. 

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Street Pole Ad Campaigns 

You can measure the effectiveness of your street pole ads by comparing the sales before and after launching your campaign. If everything stays the same, you need to make some changes. 

Partnering With the Right Provider 

Finding the right partner who works hard to deliver high levels of brand awareness is crucial. A quality partner will guide you throughout the process and help you craft an engaging marketing campaign.

How Adreach can Assist You With Effective Street Pole Advertising 

If you’re planning to run a successful street pole ad campaign, Adreach is ready to help you. We can help you reach thousands of South African consumers 24 hours a day. Our highly competent and experienced designers produce creative designs to ensure the success of your campaigns.

With over 24 years of experience and 90% share of all street pole advertising in the country, you surely will get world-class services at unbeatable prices. So, contact us and transform your business with the immense benefits of street pole ads.

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